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Biographie Sage traditionally has been seen as the accounting software system of choice. But the cracks in this platform are starting to show, and competitors such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central now offer the same functionality – plus a range of other benefits on top.

If you feel that your existing accounting software is monotonous, here are the advantages of migrating from Sage to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Access & Learning curve
Performance and Integration
Infrastructure and Maintenance

Migrate from Sage to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Sage has dominated the accounting industry for decades. However, it is an aging system. Dynamics 365 Business Central, in comparison, is a significantly more modern platform. It covers the same accounting area as Sage, but adds CRM features, enhanced reporting, and native interaction with Outlook and the broader Microsoft 365 application suite. Similarly, Business Central is designed for cloud-first use, with all the associated benefits. 
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